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Employee Experience

Helvia's Employee Experience is an end-to-end solution, built around an AI-powered chatbot. It ties in with organization-wide platforms, like Microsoft Teams and company intranets. With simple and easy integration and no need for technical knowledge, the solution can be instantly put on board to serve any organization, using the tools where collaboration already takes place.

Empower your HR to effectively support remote workers, boost employee morale and get actionable insights on employee satisfaction.


Premium AI for answering FAQs 24/7

Let the power of conversational AI empower your HR operations with a personal touch. Boost team effectiveness with your 24/7 digital assistant to handle automatically more than 70% of questions!

The chatbot works as an add-on to your existing collaboration software, like Microsoft Teams, for a seamless experience. It is your virtual assistant that will be there to manage all employee frequently asked questions, 24/7, guaranteeing unmatched employee satisfaction!

It also works as an employee helpdesk to manage requests and create support tickets for the HR department. All this, without any new software needed!


Cut the noise and build effective internal communications

Deliver communications that stand out and make an impact. Reach employees directly through Microsoft Teams, ensuring the most important messages are clearly communicated.


Put people first through insightful feedback on employee engagement

Helvia's Employee Experience solution is packed with a set of tools to help you gauge employee mood, get sentiment analysis, track eNPs and much more, in a conversational and intuitive manner.


Powerful Analytics

Be on the know with actionable at-a-glance insights into your most important asset - your people.

  • Access consolidated data across employee experience metrics
  • Plan your strategy based on powerful analytics & visualizations
  • Gauge employee satisfaction overtime and monitor your KPIs

One solution, unlimited possibilities

Benefit from Helvia's Employee Experience automation solution to increase employee engagement, save time and boost employee satisfaction.

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Low code-no code solutions

Fast and reliable implementation

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Integrate with any system

Capitalize on your existing investments

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Build, run, repeat

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Single Sign On

Seamless experience across

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Real-time analytics

Get powerful insights

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Admin platform

Smooth administration with user-access control

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